Weekly AI Prompts

Grow, streamline, and automate your business,
brand, or body of work (even if you're a noob).

Learning how to prompt will help you go from doer, to thinker.

Unlock the power of AI to take your business to the next level.

Stay ahead of the game with relevant AI news.

Streamline your creative workflow with the help of AI.

AI is quickly evolving. It can feel overwhelming and daunting.

This membership is designed to keep you on the leading edge of AI for business growth.

You’ll receive step by step, broken down prompts that you can easily customize. Things like…

– Content creation
– Productivity & focus
– Workflow optimization
– Brainstorming
– Problem solving
– Market research
– Marketing strategies
– Copywriting

“The key reason that an AI will not take your job is that AI can’t do jobs.”

Each week you’ll receive an email with a new Prompt, which will outline:

– The goal of the prompt (with context)
– The tool you’ll need (mostly ChatGPT)
– Prompt skeleton (what to type)
– A real world example (these are all real and tested prompts)

AI won't take your job, the person using AI will.

We aim to keep you in the top 1% of AI using professional across the globe.

By being subscribed and reading each issue, you’ll get relevant news and updates in the world of AI so you can focus on your business and not worry about what you’re missing.

We’ll do the research, due diligence, and vetting to keep you in the top 1%. All you have to do it read one issue a week and apply it to your business and work.